Plastic fence panels and barrier sections

Our plastic fencing, ‘Ecofence & barrier sections, can be used to contain pets, animals and indeed humans.. It is a modular sectional interlocking fence panel system, its very sturdy and durable even without reinforcing bars

As well as the obvious uses, they can be used to section off walkways, for the likes of events and such places where direction of crowds may be needed. They can also be used as a safety barrier / gate between children and pet and animals. Reducing the need to watch them all of the time without being able to blink..

Its easy to assemble, being a modular design it allows an unlimited expandable size. Containment Enclosures too similar to the images showing where at close quarters you can tend to animals and pets at close range without having to chase around. You can connect the elements as needed, there is no fixed way to put them together and no limited height too.

Pet Containment Pens..

Ecofence can be used as a pet pens or animal containment pen, for safe temporary control of your pets and animals whilst for example grooming them, and for the total safety and security of animals in the garden and outside of the house.



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Our Ecofence panels are individually 850mm long x 620mm wide x 35mm thick, theyre unbelievably tough, yet only 2.5kg each and so very user friendly.

The optional aluminium beams are available in up to 3 metre lengths.

The fencing can be assembled using either a temporary yet strong zip tie method, which in fact is fine for long term uses too. Or you can TEK-screw the panels to the beams. Or even do away with the beams completely for small temporary pens for example, where simply just HD ZIP tying the panels together works perfectly.

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Grid Dimensions

85 x 62cm

Deck Height


Cell space openings

150x100mm Diamondes

Weight KG / SQM


Pallet capacity

114 units

Load Capacity

500+ tonnes/m2

Gross Weight per pallet

250 KG


Recycled Polypropylene – UV Stable

Temperature Stability

-50 to +90C


None toxic, chemically enert and reusable too which makes the driveway grids eco friendly


Flexible over ground undulations


Pack of 10 beams, Pack of 10 grids + 10 HD ZIP TIES