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Welcome to our Ecodeck website!

My name is Matthew Staples. Myself and my wife Kelly have run the business for over 20 years now. Since coming out of education as a teenager I’ve personally never left the landscape garden industry, it’s my passion and always has been.

We care deeply about the environment, and for over 20 years now my wife and I have been running our eco friendly business, we believe that has been at very high standards, very efficiently and with relative success.

In February 2006 we added a manufacturing division to our business, keeping within the landscape industry we set up the Ecodeck products which are specifically landscape based with environmental & eco friendly benefits, we have been designing & manufacturing products now for many years, such as our unique ECODECK earth press grass grid & ECO gravel grids – all made from 100% recycled materials. Often the plastics materials are ground up and turned into a compound that is then melted down and re moulded into grids & mats for ground support & stabilisation.

The likes of our very popular Ecodeck, EcoDrive & Ecopark products are all made by our own team based in the midlands, and then delivered nationally & internationally to your door.

Many of our products are supplied for multiple uses from ground stability to structure support bases and safety surfaces, and drainage too. This is the core of our business.

For more information please click on our products page or please do get in touch.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on the very high standards of quality in the products, the service of supply and indeed the customer service levels that we have been giving to you our customers ever since day 1. We guarantee very quick 1-2 day service from order to delivery, free help and advice on all aspects of our industry and that our products will be perfect for your project and come with a 25 year guarantee.

The Ecodeck range of products are all relatively quick and easy to install compared to many alternatives on the market such as our eco gravel grids, and for grass parking our unique earth press grid is generally 2-3 times larger than most ground stability & building base grids on the market, making them a lot more user friendly & generally very competitively priced.. as well as being environmentally & eco friendly.

The full range of products are all manufactured by us at our plastic injection moulding branch in the West Midlands, and then quality checked, packaged and distributed from both their and our Sutton in Ashfield – Nottinghamshire branch, and delivered to your door.

Most of our ground stability products are made using a blend of rubber and plastic, which not only makes them tough and durable, but also gives flexibility. This allows them to ride humps and imperfections in the surface, which makes the installation more user friendly and being so tough we provide you with a 25 year guarantee.
The eco grids provide stability to the surface, and a load spreading support to structures that stand on them as well as helping to prevent damp too getting to the structure, and they are strong enough to take 100’s of tonnes of weight, so that vehicles, and buildings such as sheds and log cabins – static caravans etc are all perfectly fine to be positioned onto these eco bases. This will also lengthen the life span of the base & structure it is supporting.

Now you know who we are, check out what we do.

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