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My name is Matthew Staples. Myself and my wife Kelly have owned & ran the business for over 20 years now.

The landscape garden & eco industry are our passion, and always have been, Kelly has a degree in Earth Science, and I’m half decent with a shovel.

In short care deeply about the environment, and for over 20 years now my wife and I have been running our eco friendly landscape and construction related business, to what we believe very high standards.

In February 2006 we added a manufacturing division to our business, keeping within the landscape and eco industry.. we set up the Ecodeck Grids Limited with products and ideas that are specifically landscape/construction based, but with environmental & eco friendly benefits, we have been designing & manufacturing products now for many years, such as our unique ECODECK earth press grass grids & ECO500 gravel grids & ECOPARK grass grids – all made from 100% recycled materials. Often the plastics materials are ground up and turned into a compound that is then melted down and re moulded into grids & mats for ground support & stabilisation. We currently recycle in the region of 10000 tonnes per year of waste plastic, and turn it into sustainable and environmentally eco friendly garden and landscape construction products.

The products that we offer are all made by our own teams based in the midlands, and then delivered nationally & internationally to your doors.

Many of our products are supplied for multiple uses from ground stability to structure support bases and safety surfaces, and drainage too. This is the core of our business.

The most important aspects in Ecodeck’s product ranges, are the products capabilities, and tests are carried out in both professional testing environments, where we have them certified, along with physical tests, like literally driving a 2-2.5 tonne vehicle over the grids whilst empty, to test and confirm that they are suitable and fit for the purpose that they are designed and made for. See the few videos below to confirm what we claim. Along with the downloadable certificate that states that we had our products tested to what is known as NONE DESTRUCTIVE TESTING – of which whilst the grid cells were empty, they managed to withstand over 150 tonnes of force. The grids being filled will likely multiply the loading capability by 3-4 times that and more. And so we hope this helps install confidence in our products and helps you make an informed choice to use Ecodeck for your projects.

ECODECK have full protection of design rights, trademark protection over ECODECK, ECODRIVE & ECOPARK, and our own patent protection, publication number GB2583547


We pride ourselves on the very high standards of quality in the products, the service of supply and indeed the customer service levels that we have been giving to you our customers ever since day 1.

We guarantee very quick 2-3 working day service from order point to delivery, usually 1-2 days to be honest.

We offer free help and advice on all aspects of our industry too, and information and assurances that our products when recommended by us for your enquired purpose, will be perfect for your project and they come with a full 2 year product guarantee.

The Ecodeck range of products are all relatively quick and easy to install compared to many alternatives on the market, our eco500 gravel grids, and ecopark for grass parking are so easy to lay, click together and install, as well as our unique earth press grid which is generally 2-3 times larger than most ground stability grids on the market, making them a lot more user friendly & generally very competitively priced.. as well as obviously being environmentally & eco friendly 100% recycled plastics.

ECODECK are proud to have Trademark protection – filing number 018679306 & Granted patent protection – publication number GB2583547, which protects our brand throughout the UK & Europe.

The full range of products are all manufactured by us at our plastic injection moulding branches in the East & West Midlands, and then quality checked, packaged and distributed from both the production plant, and from our Sutton in Ashfield – Nottinghamshire packaging branch, and delivered to your door.

Most of our ground stability products are made using a blend of UV stable recycled polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, which not only makes them tough and durable, but also gives good flexibility. This allows them to ride humps and imperfections in the surface, which again makes the installation more user friendly.

The eco grids provide stability to the surface, and a load spreading support to vehicles and structures that stand on and ride over them as well as helping to prevent damp too getting to the structures such as sheds and log cabins, and they are strong enough and guaranteed to take 100’s of tonnes of weight per square metre as tested and certified even when empty as stated previously. Very heavy vehicles, such as lorries, busses, vans and cars, as well as very heavy duty buildings such as industrial workshops, large sheds and log cabins, static caravans too, are all perfectly fine to ride over and to be positioned onto them.

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