Plastic Grids for Driveways, Shed Bases & Parking surfaces by ECODECK with our own patent protection – granted publication number GB2583547

We are proud to offer high-quality recycled plastic grids for many different purposes. We offer grids as shed bases, for driveway parking spaces, as access road surface supports & eco-friendly building base kits. We want to do ‘our bit’ by being environmentally friendly and so the materials we use are very important to us.

Our ground reinforcement grids are made from recycled toughened eco-friendly plastic and provide stability achieving S.U.D.S compliant permeable surfaces & helping the environment and reduce ocean pollution at the same time.

Not only is this hugely beneficial, it also massively reduces the chance of floods. Our products prevent floods and therefore comply with the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010 which encourages the use of permeable surfaces to mitigate against flooding.

Plastic eco paving shed bases are ideal for all buildings, sheds, greenhouses, log cabins and summerhouses whilst our driveway grids are used for domestic and public car parks as well as providing drive and pathway support and much more.

Plastic grid shed bases make any project simple due to their light weight build whilst remaining durable, tough & easy to install.



ECODECK have full protection of design rights, trademark protection over ECODECK, ECODRIVE & ECOPARK, and our own patent protection, publication number GB2583547

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We are specialists in ‘eco-friendly & environmentally friendly’ landscape structure technology, we source 100% of our recycled product materials within the UK whilst we also recycle and re-manufacture to the highest quality & to ISO9001 British standards, and locally in Mansfield, Ashfield & Chesterfield. Call us on 01773 875255 or 07957 868809 for more information.

Driveway Grid

All of our driveway grids and parking grids are for surface stability and made in the UK, using recycled plastics.

Why choose eco drive grids? The best gravel grid on the market – in the world!

The ecodrive500 is the perfected gravel grid, using our many years of experience, handling arguably every model available. We created a grid that provides the perfect most stable finish surface, that also crucially has all of the necessary aspects taken into account when we designed it.

Shed Bases

Toughened plastic ecodeck garden shed & building bases for around £1 per square foot. High strength large plastic interlocking grids designed for building base use & guaranteed for 25 years for use as shed base kits & greenhouse base kits.

Event Matting

Event matting & pathway access surface grids, floor surfacing for marquee parties, events and festivals – versatile interlocking stable path grids / mats to preserve the ground below and also provide a safe surface walk on.

Grass Grids

Ground stability grids for farm & equestrian land, green parking areas, golf links & golf courses, hotel parking areas and much more. Also our rubber track mats to allow farm & leisure buggy’s and trolleys to travel on pathways without damaging and churning up the ground, and also allowing safe and clean access around the land.

Building & Landscape

Landscape garden products – landscape weed fabric geo membrane, sub base layer footing grids and artificial grass.

Landscape builders products – plastic drainage channel gulleys and plastic manhole covers – storm and flood prevention.

Pathway & Buggy Track Surface Reinforcement

Garden pathway & track grids, ideal for mobility pathways, buggy pathways & general garden path stability.

Equestrian Ground Stability Grids

Equideck – horse equestrian menage & feeding area ground mats, & paddock ground stability grids.

Resin Surface Support Grids

Plastic square resin retention grids tough plastic 50 x 50 x 4cm square grids, designed to keep the resin compact and stable whilst laying, and with the benefit of added strength and stability once its set, giving a better load bearing capacity.

Pond Grids and Water Protection Products

Koi fish pond security floating grids. Water butts for drain water storage – giant 200+ litre tubs. Garden pond safety solutions – diamondeck & diamondnet safety covers.

Pet Pens

Pet & animal containment pen for temporary control, for safety & security of your pets, whilst grooming or even keeping a close eye in the garden.