Equestrian Ground Stability Grids

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The Equideck grid is ideal for multiple areas of use for horse & equestrian yards, such as menage, paddocks, horse feeding stations, and everyday areas such as horse walkers too. Below are some other commonly known applications too for the Equideck grids.

  • Riding arenas
  • Lunging arenas
  • Exercise areas
  • Horse mounting zones
  • Feeding stations
  • Stables & Stable yards
  • Riding school access lanes & tracks

Whilst the grids are very tough and robust, they are also semi flexible to be kind on your horses’ hooves.

Being permeable, they can be used as grass grids too and so they can be used for access runs to fields and gateways as well as general stable yard surface support.


Our grid is quite unique to most others on the market, the lattice web in the bottom of every cell reduces both downward movement of the infill material, and also reduces upward migration of mud & soil and dust from below, meaning it stays more compact for a safer and stable surface whilst remaining neat too. And guaranteed to be fit for its purpose for 25 years!

The grids are so simple and quick to install, 1 person can lay 100 square metres in around 1 hour.

As well as being the manufacturer of our products, we are also the main supplier of the products, and so our extensive knowledge is key to being able to provide you with the right product and the right information for your grass & gravel grid needs. And at unbeatable prices!

  • No more muddy surfaces & less puddles
  • Safer & more stable surfaces for you & your horses
  • Lower ground maintenance
  • Greener more attractive grounds
  • Healthier horses