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Plastic grids are the ideal ground protection and reinforcement solution for private or commercial driveways, as well as for building bases, shed bases and events path walkway ground surface stability. When you need sturdy and tough surfaces, this 100% recycled plastic grid ensures that you are always using the environmentally friendly option for your project. One of their great benefits is that they’re easy to install and don’t require special skills. Moreover, they don’t require planning permission, so a plastic grid can be laid as soon as in your possession. They are also robust enough to even withstand the weight of commercial vehicles, whether vans or large lorries. This all makes it the ideal alternative to more complicated traditional ground reinforcement techniques such as concrete or tarmac. One of the most common uses of a plastic grid is for gravel driveways. Installing one can help deal with several irritating issues that occur on grid-less driveways, such as gravel often being flung onto surrounding areas whenever a vehicle moves. The grid will instead trap and contain the gravel so that the driveway keeps its smart shape and tidiness. At the same time, it prevents wheels from creating ruts in the gravel. The permeability of a plastic grid means that it is also conducive to efficient drainage. Water will seep through the gravel and grid, minimising the threat of flooding during heavy rain. This makes it compliant and ideal for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) regulations. In terms of event sites, it can also stop grassy areas from being eroded away. Gravel doesn’t always have to be the preferred filling for the grid; soil & grass can be used as well. In areas that have less traffic, such as overspill car parks, golf buggy routes and emergency access routes, using grass can be a prettier long-term option. Of course, this will take more patience as you need to wait until the grass has grown through the grid, but then can be cut as usual with all types of mowers. Overall, plastic grids are an excellent long-term, efficient, robust and environmentally friendly solution for driveways and events of all kinds.


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Plastic Grids


The ECOPARK 40MM grid is tough and robust and can comfortably withstand vehicles in excess of 25 (tested) tonnes including cars, vans and lorries. They are suitable for various domestic to light industrial surface reinforcement applications (see our ‘Other Information’ section for other uses and applications).

The large open cell structure design of the ECOPARK