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Whether you require parking grids for domestic use or for a large commercial space, Ecodeck is the company you can trust! All of our products are made using recycled plastic, making them incredibly durable and eco-friendly. What could be better than helping the planet whilst receiving a long-lasting and reliable product? Plastic parking grids are robust and strong by nature, making them the perfect product to withstand frequent use. Due to their versatile nature they can use be used on multiple different landscapes, for example, they can be used to protect a lawn or to level an uneven surface for cars. All of our plastic parking grids are manufactured here in the UK, allowing us to deliver products of consistent quality at affordable trade prices. Our parking grids are produced by experts without any ‘middlemen’ to unnecessarily raise the price or compromise the quality of the product. At Ecodeck, we are proud of our ability to offer both households and businesses an eco-friendly product. As there is a growing pressure to ‘go green’, we feel excited at the chance to share our green solution with homes and businesses across the UK. Our products are not only eco-friendly but pocket friendly! By using one or multiple grids you eliminate the need to lay additional paving or purchase extra gravel for an outdoor area. You will be able to use our grates as soon as they are installed, so you will instantly see a return on your investment and have a quick solution to your vehicle problems.

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Ground Reinforcement Grids

If you have muddy areas and ground churning issues, use our ground reinforcement grids to stabilise the ground!

Sized at 50 x 50 x 4CM and designed with brilliant flexibility, ground reinforcement grids are tough in build and able to take on the trampling and bounding wheels of golf buggy's and golf course maintenance vehicles passing over them.

The cell bottom lattice feature design means that once they are laid and filled, the weight of the ground inside them keeps them firmly in place.

The open cell structure design of the ECODRIVE 500 grid (x49 individual 70mm square pockets per grid) allows for neat gravel or grass finish.
Not only does the grids open cell structure provide extra walls of stability they also prevent lateral and downward migration and disruption of your chosen infill material.
For best results we would suggest to use a gravel size tolerance of 5MM to 30MM.

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Dimensions 500 x 500mm
Deck Height 40mm
Rib wall thickness 3.5mm
Cell space openings 68mm x 68mm squares
Weight/m2 5kg (based on current recycled plastic, there can be a slight variation
Number of decks per m2 4
Compatibility Modular design means the system can be added to or design changed at any time
Pallet capacity 240
Load Capacity Up to 500+ tonnes/m2
Axle Weight In excess of 25 tonne axle load
Gross Weight per pallet 300 KG
Material - Recycled 100% UK Recycled - UV Stable Polypropylene
Temperature Stability -50 to +90C
Filling The grids can be filled with a wide range of materials including soil - grass seed, gravels, stones etc
Environmental None toxic, chemically enert and reusable too which makes the driveway grids eco friendly