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Gravel pathways can be a nightmare to navigate for anything on wheels, from vans, lorries and cars to buggies, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. However, with the ECOMOBILITY path grid, navigating a gravel surface couldn’t be easier. We have created a product that allows for easy navigation of a wide range of gravelled areas, allowing access where there maybe wasn’t any before! The grids are built to last, serving families, businesses and public areas for many years.

Durable installation

The ECOMOBILITY path grid is an extremely robust and long-wearing and is designed to cover the surface of any gravelled area to make it easier to cross over. These powerfully built, UV-stable gravel pathway grids create a smooth, stable, and perfectly flat surface that can carry up to 25 tonnes of weight from a wide range of vehicles, including lorries, vans, and cars.

Multipurpose installation

These multipurpose path grids can be used for a variety of applications depending on the size you choose. Our most popular model is 50x50x4cm and is suitable for both domestic and light industrial surface reinforcement.

The modular design of our gravel pathway grids means that you can add to the installation at any point to expand its surface area. With an easy-to-use push-snap fixing, similar to a jigsaw, you can create the formation of your own design and click it together with no hassle at all.


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High-quality finish

The ECOMOBILITY gravel pathway grid is designed in an open cell structure to allow it to slot cleanly over grass seed, soil, or gravel of between 5mm to 35mm to give it a neat finish. The open cell structure of our path grids also provides added stability while preventing your chosen infill material from migrating downward or laterally to keep it compact and secure.

Eco-friendly materials

This expertly designed product is not only sturdy and built to last, but it’s also self-draining and made of recycled plastic, so you can rest assured that it has a minimal impact on the environment. As a part of our range of permeable paving products, the ECOMOBILITY gravel pathway grid has been designed in compliance with Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SUDS) regulations.

To learn more about our ECOMOBILITY path grids, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team by giving us a call on 01773 875255 or by dropping us an email at today.

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Additional applications & suggested uses;

  • An Eco friendly sustainable grass & gravel paving & structure support solution
  • Ground stability grids installed at ground level, to reduce the effect where vehicle and foot traffic pass over by stopping the ground from churning up.Access roads & emergency service lanes (fire & ambulance access routes)
  • Driveway grids & gravel parking
  • Grass or gravel car parks or temporary & permanent over-spill parking solutions
  • Driveways and residential lawn/gravel parking reinforcement
  • Anti storm – flood surface drainage solutions
  • Water run off safety solutions & French drains
  • Railway embankment stability
  • Slope and embankment reinforcement
  • Melioration ditches
  • Horse stud, ménage and paddock use
  • Buggy paths
  • Disability access routes
  • Golf courses paths & grass stabilisation
  • School play area and access routes
  • Event*/marquee flooring solutions
  • Grassed garden banks
  • Lawn protection
    *Trellis supports & much more.

500 x 500mm

Deck Height


Rib wall thickness


Cell space openings

68mm x 68mm squares


5kg (based on current recycled plastic, there can be a slight variation

Number of decks per m2


Pallet capacity


Load Capacity

Up to 500+ tonnes/m2

Axle Weight

In excess of 25 tonnes – axle load

Gross Weight per pallet

250 KG

Material - Recycled

100% UK Recycled – UV Stable Polypropylene / TPE Mixed

Temperature Stability

-50 to +90C


The grids can be filled with a wide range of materials including soil – grass seed, gravels, stones etc


None toxic, chemically enert and reusable too which makes the driveway grids eco friendly