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Ecodeck Earthpress
Grass Grids

Prices From £12.50 Per SQM

The Ecodeck EarthPress Grid is extremely tough and robust and can comfortably withstand vehicles up to 25 tonnes including farm machinery, tractors, lorries, cars, vans.

They are suitable for various domestic to light industrial surface reinforcement applications.


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The innovative design allows for the grid to be ‘pressed’ into the existing ground ensuring that all traffic ride on the combination of both the grids and the ground preventing ground churning.


The grid is designed in a way that it tapers from a sharper edge from the bottom of the grid that is first to contact the earth, to the middle wider profile, this design allows the deck to cut through the earth like a knife as weight is applied. Then from a wider middle profile it tapers back down to a slightly less sharp top edge, this means the earth can trap the grids down to prevent a lifting action, this is where our grid is unlike any other grid in the world, and with this the corners of the grid have a specially designed rib (which we call an Anti-Lift-Rib), which also prevents it from lifting. This too is added to by the grabbing of the grass itself over a short period of time, clinging and almost wrapping the grids, and grass being as strong as it is, means they simply won’t move once knitted together. The longer they are in the ground, the more wrapped & binded they become by the grass, leading to a far more durable and stable surface, which stays green even in the winter wet months, preventing mud.

We recommend that the grids are pressed into the ground using a 2.5-10 tonne ride on vibrating roller and importantly with the circle markings facing down into the ground. This makes for an incredible easy installation.

Our EarthPress Grid model is a one of a kind and measure 850 x 620 x 35mm.


  • Easy to install with snap-clip interlocking fixings.
  • 850 x 620 x 35mm
  • 100’s + tonne load bearing capacity.
  • Guaranteed for 25 years.
  • 100% recycled UV stable materials used
  • Complies with S.U.D.S. regulation (sustainable-urban-drainage-solutions) and the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.
  • High strength plastic – high compression test passed.
  • Injection moulded grids – Plastic mixed rubber for incredible strength and of flexibility.
  • Heat and freeze tested
  • Saving you lots of time & money compared to conventional slabs & concrete.


  • An Eco friendly sustainable grass & gravel paving & structure support solution
  • Ground stability grids installed at ground level, to reduce the effect where vehicle and foot traffic pass over by stopping the ground from churning up.
  • Access roads & emergency service lanes (fire & ambulance access routes)
  • Driveway grids & gravel parking
  • Grass or gravel car parks or temporary & permanent over-spill parking solutions
  • Driveways and residential lawn/gravel parking reinforcement
  • Anti storm – flood surface drainage solutions
  • Water run off safety solutions & French drains
  • Railway embankment stability
  • Slope and embankment reinforcement
  • Melioration ditches
  • Horse stud, ménage and paddock use
  • Buggy paths
  • Disability access routes
  • Golf courses paths & grass stabilisation
  • School play area and access routes
  • Event/marquee flooring solutions
  • Grassed garden banks
  • Lawn protection
  • Trellis supports & much more..

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What are S.U.D.S

S.U.D.S info

Ecodeck are proud to offer a sustainable solution to SuDS. SuDS are a nature-based solution to drainage problems. They reduce the impact of rainfall, for example by using grassed and other permeable surfaces, creating rain gardens, or building attenuation ponds in order to reduce the potential for surface water or river flooding. The excess rainfall is captured and then slowly filtered into the ground.

how to use

How to use

To start you installation Download the easy-to-follow guide to laying the Ecodeck.

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