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Ecodrain features

Easy & quick to install to provide a neat water drainage & soak away system push fit & snap clip fixing makes it simple to assemble can be cut to length & non brittle Suitable applications = rain fall drainage for domestic & light industrial parking surfaces & a solution to divert and reduce surface water on the likes of patios & other garden areas.  

Ecodrain specification

  • Lenght = 1 metre unit length
  • Profile size = 14cm wide x 14cm deep
  • Weight = 1.5kg
  • Material = made from recycled polypropylene

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EcoDrain Channels

EcoDrain Channels

Our EcoDrain is a channel drainage sysetm, also known as linear drainage, and is a popular choice because it is simple to design and install. It is also a cheaper option for surface water drainage than a typical point water drainage system and aesthetically, can be discreet, or a design statement – the choice is yours.
It consists of a channel and a removable grate.

By using a channel rather than a mosaic of strategic point drains, you reduce or even eliminate ponding and deal with heavy run-off such as flash flooding and heavy downpours more effectively.

When laying channel drainage, no complicated layouts and couplers etc are needed. Conflicts with underground service pipes/cables are more easily avoided. Using a channel system means that the channel can act as both a multiple point drain and a carrier pipe.

Grates are easy to remove with keysgiving you full access to the channel below.

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Manufactured Manufactured to BS EN 1433 class A 15
Application Domestic Linear Drainage
Design Easy fit channel interlocking system
Profile 100cm long x 14cm wide x 14cm deep
Locking Mechanism Snap-lock boltless grating system
Eco friendly 100% recyclable
Durability Durable & long lasting
Cleaning Unobstructed channel cross section for easy cleaning