We offer a range of eco gravel grids for domestic to light industrial uses such as the super popular ECODRIVE500 parking and driveway grid, which we offer from £6/ M2 (ex VAT) delivered.

All of the ECODECK & ECODRIVE500 range are heavy-duty ground stability grids, suitable for industrial and commercial use too. Our eco gravel grids are made from durable injection moulding grade plastic, and they all comply with the FLOOD management act 2010 & indeed the S.U.D.S (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) regulations, making them an eco-friendly solution for creating permeable driveways and parking areas.

Ecodeck plastic gravel grids are durable enough to be used for both domestic, industrial surface reinforcement, and too for building sites and heavy industrial or commercial uses. We also offer the Ecopark 50MM & 80MM gravel grid which can be suitable for driveways, parking, and access roads where a deeper infill may be required.

Our range of eco plastic grids are all made to British Standards, tested to be heat, freeze and UV stable, making them ideal for year-round use even in hot summers and sub-zero winters.

A Gravel grid is an effective alternative to purchasing more gravel or levelling an area with gravel to make it more vehicle friendly. This means that by purchasing one of our products you are potentially saving yourself a huge financial cost and preserving the existing landscape you have.

Businesses and households across the UK are feeling more pressure than ever to make more environmentally conscious, ‘greener’ choices, and with our grids, you can have complete confidence you are receiving a product that is both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

If you are unsure if our products are suitable for your business or property, a member of our knowledgeable team would love to answer any questions you may have.