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The ECOPARK 40MM grid is tough and robust and can comfortably withstand vehicles in excess of 25 (tested) tonnes including cars, vans and lorries. They are suitable for various domestic to light industrial surface reinforcement applications (see our ‘Other Information’ section for other uses and applications).

The large open cell structure design of the ECOPARK 40MM grid (x49 individual 68mm square cells) allows housing for a larger diameter pebble, stone or gravel infill as well as a soil and grass seed finish.

The ECOPARK 40MM open cell structure prevents lateral migration and disruption of the infill material whilst still maintaining a neat and compact stable surface finish.

For best results we would suggest to use a gravel size tolerance of 5mm to 35mm maximum. If your chosen gravel size is smaller than this we suggest to use our ECODRIVE500 gravel grid.

The ECOPARK 40MM modular design means the system can be added too at any time. With a simple and easy lateral jigsaw like push-snap fixing.

The ECOPARK 40MM is a high strength, UV stable, recycled, injection moulded plastic grid that is compression tested to a ‘minimum’ 500 tonne / SQM load test rating.