Why? People ask..

Allowing water to infiltrate into the ground and percolate through the soil earth, replenishes ground water and can recharge soil aquifers.
Its important to slow down overland water runoff especially on newly landscaped surfaces. Using permeable paving like our ECO500 products, creates an eco green infrastructure that holds and infiltrates collected rainwater (stormwater).

The amount of water that can collect on none permeable surfaces is damaging to the earth, and the volume calculations are unthinkable!
You really are helping the planet by using these products, and the added benefit to all of this is that we manufacture everything we sell from recycled plastics, which is massively helping to clean up our oceans!

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The ECO500 grass grids that we manufacture are perfect for rainwater recycling & harvesting, by directly placing the grids and membrane sheet on to generally none steep sloped roofs & flat building roofs with a drainage system in place (and pretty much any surface in fact) this provides a ‘scenery friendly’ green & environmentally friendly as well as eco friendly environment, and it is quite decorative too with the right design. A large benefit too is that it protects against strong winds too with the way the grass knits together to create arguably the strongest roof design available.

The green roof is an ‘air conditioner” too, that helps the building to remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to the vegetation and soil acting as an insulating factor, the interior is better controlled, and the plants affect the surrounding temperature as well. The vegetation also absorbs carbon dioxide, doing its part to help the environment.

With the right design and construction, the ‘roof greening’ plays an aesthetic role, but importantly slows down and manages the water runoff, which will in turn reduce storm water flooding problems. And at least maintaining if not improving environmental consideration.

The green roof system also very effectively protects the roof structure components, and extends the waterproof material service life.

Our pricing structure for the green roof systems ranges from around £12-15 per square metre dependent on exact specifications. (we offer the roof membrane, and the grids in 2 specifications).

Please call us when your ready to obtain further details and a quotation, some of the important considerations are that the structural design of the building / roof, needs to be capable of taking the excessive load.

Suitable for areas of light traffic, landscaping, gardens, terraces, patios, decking, dog kennels, school play areas and much more.

Grid Depth


Grid sizes

500mm x 500mm


UV Stable. Heat and Frost Resistant


Indoor and Outdoor use


Grass grids – Roofs, parking areas,


Low – if any maintenance required


99% based on an average to low clay content soil