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Our EcoRubber Grass Track Mat is our most versatile product with a multitude of uses in home and commercial environments. They are designed to protect the ground and grass in outdoor areas prone to wear and tear under light to heavy pedestrian & buggy / light vehicle traffic use. These rubber mats help reduce erosion by protecting each individual blade and what’s more is the fact that once grass has regrown through the holes, they maintain a very natural appearance too. Our  slip-resistant material is designed for those customers who need to use the mesh straight away, and cannot wait for grass to grow through to give the necessary traction for vehicles. So whether you’re looking to add substance to a grass path or increase safety levels at a local playground, these rubber grass mats are certainly a brilliant and affordable place to start. Our Rubber Grass Mats are manufactured to the highest quality and standards using recycled rubber.

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EcoRubber Grass Track Mat

If you have grass & soil areas that you need to travel over and avoid muddy mess, use our Eco grass mats to track over the ground!

Sized at 150 x 100 x 2.3CM & weigh 14KG each.

Made from rubber that provides brilliant flexibility to ride extreme undulation, to take on the trampling and bounding wheels of the likes of estate & equestrian land maintenance vehicles, golf buggy's and gold course maintenance vehicles etc.. passing over them.

The design with holes through means that they are permeable to allow water to pass through, preventing puddles, and also allowing grass to still grow through.

The grids being extremely strong and flexible as well as the joining system, allows them to ride bumpy ground undulation.

The rubber grass mats provide a temporary & permanent trackway path solution, to prevents the ground in those areas being churned up, and preserving the grass even in the winter wet months, meaning no mud!

The grids can also be installed in areas for over flow car parking, and access routes for maintenance vehicles on the course too.

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Dimensions 1m x 1.5m x 23mm
Weight 14KG / 1.5 x 1m MAT
Eco-friendly Allows for efficient drainage & promote grass growth
Temperature Stability Resistant to all weather and extreme temperatures
Fall Height Tested 3m Height Tested to British Standards
Load Bearing Capacity 10+ tonnes/m2
Applications Path reinforcement, children's safety mat, parking, anti fall flooring
Compliant Flame Retardant & Slip resistant-traction
Composition - Environmentally Friendly Recycled Rubber (minimum 80% recycled rubber)
Easy to Fit Can be laid on smooth & bumpy contoured surfaces
Manufacture Manufactured in high pressure to retain the shape
Useage Multiple usage, all weather
Complies with S.U.D.S regulations Providing a secure footing when wet.
DDA Approved Helping to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.
European P.A.H. Test Passed Brominated Flame Retardant Tested Materials