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The ECODECK EARTH PRESS is unique to any other grass grid in the world, they can be pressed into the ground with ZERO disruption and an instant solution to muddy and messy grounds.

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EcoDeck Earth-Press Grass Grids

Stop the process of mud churning at the start, use our unique Ecodeck.

Land and grounds maintenance, and upkeep of the ‘perfect grass condition’, is very important for stable and safe access around the grounds and land.

The Ecodeck is the perfect solutions to allow all-year access with no sludgy muddy areas to tackle.

The grids are EXTRA LARGE @ 85 x 62 x 3.5CM and are designed with a diamond profile, to allow the easiest and least disruptive installation. The grids simply cut through the ground when they are being pressed in with a large vibrating roller.
Also the diamond profile means that once it is pressed into the ground, it doesn't lift out, and with soil expansion it tightens over the specially designed corners lip, and forms a web in affect into the diamond cells.

The large rectangular grids are extremely strong, and have the flexibility in themselves as well as the joining system, which allows them to ride ground undulation.

The grids are pressed into the soil to ground level using a heavy ride on roller.
People and machinery can then ride over that once problematic area of land with ease and no mess.
Vehicles for example will ride on the combination of both the grids and the ground.
This prevents the ground being churned up, and once grass is knitting round the grids, the ground becomes so tough and stays green even in the winter wet months, meaning no mud!

The grids are often installed in agricultural areas where muddy land is often a problem, they can also be installed in areas for over flow car parking, and access routes for all types of vehicles.

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Grid Dimensions 85 x 62 cm
Deck Height 3.5 cm
Cell space openings 100mm x 80mm max. diamond with half triangles
Weight KG / SQM 5
Number of decks per m2 2 decks = 0.85m by 1.24m footprint
Pallet capacity 114 units
Load Capacity 500+ tonnes / SQM
Gross Weight per pallet 250 KG
Material Recycled Polypropylene - UV Stable
Temperature Stability -50 to +90c
Environmental None toxic, chemically enert and reusable too which makes the driveway grids eco friendly
Flexible Flexible over ground undulations
Cutting Profile Cutting edge design enables ground press and anti- lift
Filling The grids can be filled with a wide range of materials including