There are many products on the market developed for a specific purpose and just as many promising more than what they actually deliver. When it comes to Ecodeck products, however, the opposite is true because our products are well-designed, superbly made and thoroughly tested. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our products in both domestic and commercial areas.

Environmentally Friendly

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, every product is labelled as being environmentally friendly or shouts about how it is made in an eco-friendly manner. With our products, it isn’t just about the material used and the manufacturing process. It’s also about the actual function of the product and what it does that makes it one of the best product ranges you can buy for managing your outdoor space.

For example, localised flooding is known to be caused by excessive rainwater runoff. Green driveways are a must; therefore, homeowners are looking for ways to have a flat, useful driveway that is free draining.

Our products create a flat webbed surface, through which rainwater can drain to the water table below ground whilst still providing a flat, sturdy surface for cars, bikes, mobility scooters and animals too.

Sturdy, Long-Lasting and Versatile

A significant concern is the use of plastic, especially single-use pieces that are simply ‘thrown away’. Our products are made from a sturdy plastic that is durable and long lasting and also benefits from the fact that many of our pieces are versatile.

For example, our pet containment pens can be used for whelping litters for generations to come, as well as used the components being mixed and matched. You can make a different pen each time you put it up!

Pushing Traditional Build Solutions

The way in which we construct buildings and landscape areas is changing. We are no longer just opting for traditional solutions.

Our driveway matting is one example of this and the other is the drainage-friendly solutions we offer for shed bases and other outside building projects.

Our products don’t warp, rust or rot away so no matter how much rainwater they have to cope with – or mud, dust and other substances for that matter – they don’t wither away, leaving behind a rickety, unstable base.

Robust Enough for Equestrian and Agricultural Use

Our matting products are not workshy, either. The agricultural setting and the horse livery yard are both environments in which our products can offer so much. From making paddocks safer underfoot for both human and horse, to less muddy, waterlogged yards and animal pens, Ecodeck solutions will outperform expectations.