If you’re thinking of building a shed or another outdoor building like a greenhouse or summer house, you might be wondering about what you will need to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting structure. An often forgotten about aspect of these types of builds is the need for creating a strong and level foundation for the structure to sit on – this is where a shed or building base comes in.

Creating a Strong Foundation

Whether you’re looking to build a shed or another type of outdoor building, creating a strong and stable foundation is vital to ensure a structurally sound build that will stand up to years of use as well as outdoor weather conditions. Going through the trouble of putting up a base might seem like a lot of hassle but even the most stable of lawns can’t support a shed once the wet weather arrives – and we all know that wood and water never mix well. So, although it can add extra time to your project when building your shed or outdoor building, a base will ensure that it is on level ground and that the structure is above ground level so it won’t be affected by damp ground conditions. Without a solid and level base, major structural issues may occur, such as the door not fitting in the frame properly, and screw holes becoming misaligned.

Our shed and building base kits are made from high-strength injection moulded polypropylene, polyethylene, and rubber to ensure that they provide a strong and flexible base for years to come. Because our base kits are heat and freeze tested, they will withstand even the coldest of winters and hottest of summers. Like all of our products, the grids are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a green option because are made in an eco-friendly manner making them great for the environment and reducing pollution.     

Complying with SUDS

Ecodeck shed and building bases have the added benefit of being SUDS (sustainable urban drainage solutions) regulation compliant. SUDS are systems designed to manage the drainage of water in urban areas where natural drainage may be minimal, by mimicking those natural drainage techniques. By using a shed or outdoor building base that complies with SUDS regulation, you can create a more environmentally-friendly structure and ensure that excessive rainfall will only have a minimal impact on the structure. 

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