Using Recycled Products in Your Garden

A garden that is kinder to the earth can be achieved through a selection of products and tools that are sustainably manufactured or given new life through recycling. There is a wealth of products on the market which have been sustainably manufactured or made from 100% recycled materials – here is a list of our favourites.

Bamboo Stakes
Every gardener should have a few bundles of bamboo stakes in their garden shed. This versatile product is a great renewable alternative to plastic or metal trellises. They are perfect for supporting vulnerable or flimsy plants, whilst blending naturally into the environment.
You can find bamboo stakes at most hardware stores and garden centres all year round!

Push Reel Mowers
Push reel mowers are not only environmentally friendly, but they give you a bit of a workout too. They are very quiet and don’t require the use of diesel or an extension lead. They are also healthier for your grass, as they actually snip it cleanly – rather than chopping and tearing your grass like a powered lawn mower.

Eco-Friendly Weed Blocking Fabric
Weeds are the bane of every gardener’s life, they seem to pop up everywhere, and no matter how many you pull up, there are always more! Until now…well, weed blocking fabrics have been around for a while, but now you can purchase eco-friendly versions. They are made from sustainable agricultural resources like corn, which is a lot better for the environment than creating plastic!

Recycled Plastic Raised Beds
The use of recycled plastic has become increasingly popular in garden design. These plastic railroad ties are not only more environmentally friendly than wood, they are also more durable and weather resistant. Wood-based raised beds begin to deteriorate after a couple of years, as one side is exposed to the sun, whilst the other is rotted by the moist soil.
Raised beds are easy to assemble, suit the natural environment, and are available in a variety of shapes, colours and heights!

Recycled Footpath and Driveway Grids
Carrying on with the recycled plastic theme – our durable footpath and driveway grids are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to concrete, tarmac and brick. These toughened grids are lightweight, easy to install and provide perfect gravel grid surface stability.
At the fraction of the price of other materials, the footpath and driveway grids are also SUDS compliant, meaning water drains through like a sieve and flows naturally into the water table.

For more information, visit our path and driveway grid page.