A lot of what we sell is driveway grids, which are used across the country to stablise gravel driveways. It reduces the amount of maintenance they require, lengthens the time between top-ups and makes the surface easier to walk on or push a buggy across so they are a popular product. But that’s not all that our eco-friendly plastic can be used for.


Many a homeowner has learnt, often to their cost, that while a resin, tarmac or even block paved driveway might look smart and promise lower maintenance than gravel it can cause localised flooding in heavy downpours as there is simply nowhere for the water to go other than straight off which overwhelms the drainage systems.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems utilise permeable “solid” surfaces to allow rainwater to gradually seep through the ground in the way it would do if nothing had been built on it. And what do you need to create a permeable, yet firm surface? That’s right – plastic grids! The grids are laid on a suitable substrate then backfilled with gravel – or even a mixture of soil and grass seed – to create a durable, yet free-draining surface.

Pond Covers

Garden ponds are a lovely feature and even the most formal designs can act as a haven for wildlife such as frogs and newts. Unless you have children in which case they turn from being a relaxing addition to a stressful nightmare every time your child strays near.

Our Diamondeck grids can be used to cover ponds rendering it almost impossible for anyone to fall in. They are capable of taking the weight of an adult falling onto it so even a couple of toddlers is well within their limits. The grids can be fitted raised up out of the usual waterline – essential in family gardens as young children can drown in only a couple of centimetres water – or hidden just below rendering them almost invisible.

Pond grids can also be used to protect valuable fish from aerial attack. Where the grid is not required to prevent drowning it can be floated on the surface of the water which makes for simple installation and allows easy removal should you need to for pond or fish maintenance purposes.

There are many other uses for our plastic products – just look at the range on our website – and don’t hesitate to call if you think of a project we can help with!