Plastic has got itself a bit of a bad reputation recently. The problem is not really plastic but irresponsible use – or waste – of plastic. For many applications, plastic is a superior material to traditional alternatives as it is light, strong, UV resistant and quick to install. Plus, by buying from us you’re doing your bit to help reduce the amount of waste plastic that can find its way into the environment.

Driveway Grids

Take our driveway grids as an example, we manufacture them here in the UK from waste plastic. This reduces the amount of plastic in landfill and reduces the transport miles of the finished product if you compare it to Chinese imports.

That’s not the only reason driveway grids are good for the environment. In many urban areas increas ed quantities of tarmac and block-paved driveways have led to serious issues with rainwater run-off causing drainage systems to become overwhelmed. This allows pollutants to enter the groundwater. Our driveway grids can be installed in a SUDS compliant way which allows water to seep into the driveway and filter through slowly, allowing time for pollutants to filter out and preventing flooding.

Finally, driveway grids reduce the need for gravel extraction by reducing the amount of gravel lost over the lifetime of the driveway. Gravel cannot escape from the cells in the grids and does not need regular topping-up like a traditional driveway does.

Ground Stability

Our plastic grids can also be used to re-green areas rubbed bare of grass by large quantities of traffic, such as overflow parking or in equestrian facilities. Instead of filling in the cells in the grid with gravel, they can be filled with a mixture of grass-seed and soil. The plastic provides the solidity that the grass plants require and prevents the ground from becoming waterlogged and turning into mud.

Whether filled with gravel or grass, plastic grids have the benefit of making your driveway or yard more accessible to those of limited mobility. Traditionally installed gravel driveways are a nightmare if you rely on a walking aid, use a wheelchair or need to push a pushchair as the gravel slips and slides. By stabilising the ground you can create the appearance of gravel or grass but the feel of walking on a more solid surface.