We love the springtime. Flowers start appearing, birds start singing, the sun seems brighter and as our gardens wake from their winter slumber many people start thinking about this season’s landscaping task. Whether it’s a new patio for those summer barbeques, adding drainage so you don’t get a swamp again next winter or artificial grass so you can spend more time enjoying your garden we’ve got all the eco-friendly products you need to ensure you complete your job before summer.

Paved Patios and drainage

The problem with traditionally laid patios is that you have to get the drainage right. If the patio slopes towards the house you risk flooding next time it rains. Pavedeck sub base layer support grids help improve the drainage of your patio by giving all that water somewhere to drain away to. In fact Pavedeck is compatible with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) because of its ability to allow water to soak into the ground at a natural rate.

We also have a full range of drainage channels, junction boxes, manhole covers, made from recycled polypropylene to cater for any other drainage issues you may have around your garden.

Weed control

Of course the problem with spring is weeds. They spring up like, well, weeds! Our Permatex 100GSM weed control membrane is ideal for covering areas to prevent weed growth. It can survive for 5-7 years on its, but if you add a mulch on top it looks much better and lasts longer too!

Artificial Grass

While those weeds are shooting up, so is the grass. Grass loves spring as there is lots of sunshine and lots of water so your lawn can very quickly get out of control. And mowing it short isn’t the answer as then you end up with yellowing and bald patches as soon as the first “drought” hits.

Artificial grass is an ideal solution. A lush green lawn all year round. No more muddy swamps in winter, no more concrete hard scruffy yellow grass in midsummer. With a pile thickness of 20mm it can be used in most parts of the garden – it’s even tough enough for use in school playgrounds! Simply laid on a permeable, sand filled plastic mesh your new lawn will retain its good looks with (almost) no maintenance – no watering, no weeding, no mowing and no fuss – now isn’t that a solution worth considering?