Whether you’re looking to update your current stables or refurbish your riding area, installing equestrian ground stability grids has a number of benefits. Not only will they protect the grounds, but they will also ensure that your horses have dry feet and aren’t putting any more strain on their hooves than necessary.

A wide range of equestrian areas can benefit from the installation of ground stability grids, including riding areas, lunging areas, exercise areas, horse mounting zones, feeding stations, stables and their yards, and riding school access lanes and tracks.

In the stables, the ground stability grids provide a sturdy and dry surface for your horses day and night – minimising the likelihood of any hoof infections from damp ground – and thanks to their unique lattice design, our grid keeps the infill materials in place whilst stopping mud and soil from seeping upwards.

Outdoors, the stability grids also provide mud control, keeping areas with heavy footfall like exercise areas from becoming boggy. Whilst our equestrian ground stability grids are robust enough to be guaranteed as fit for service for 25 years, they still have a level of flexibility, making them kind on your horses’ hooves.

Another benefit of installing our ground stability grids for equestrian areas is that by providing ground support, they lead to grounds that require less maintenance and make the surface safe for you and your horses all year round.

Thanks to the open cell structure and permeable design of our EQUIDECK range, they can be topped off with a variety of infill materials, including sand, soil, grass, rubber, and gravel. Once you are finished with the quick and hassle-free installation, they provide a permanent ground stability solution and allow you to use the grounds for riding in winter too.

If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to know that our EQUIDECK range is made from recycled and UV stable plastic. As part of our permeable paving range, EQUIDECK grids are sustainable urban drainage solution (S.U.D.S.) compliant.