Price for 65m² - 260 grids (Volume Dependant): £701.49

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The ECODRIVE500 grid

The ECODRIVE500 comfortably handles the weight of 25-tonne vehicles, proving itself to be incredibly tough. Its strength and durability make it perfect for domestic and industrial areas requiring extra surface support.

The ECODRIVE500 is designed in an open-cell formation to hold your infill neatly inside. Each of the 49 square-shaped cells (70mm) making up each grid increase its stability and prevent movement or loss of contents, reducing maintenance. When selecting gravel for your grids, the best-suited size is 5mm – 35mm.

The ECODRIVE500 grid formation allows design flexibility, which can be added to over time. With push-snap fixings, it couldn’t be easier to install.

Why is ECODRIVE500 the best gravel grid?

Years of experience developing and testing gravel grids led to the creation of the perfect model – the ECODRIVE500. Taking inspiration from other models on the market, the ECODRIVE500 is the solution for a perfect gravel or lawn surface. The vertical walls are the ideal width, height and strength, and combined with the 7×7 cell size, this results in an attractive and compact surface fit for a variety of uses.

If you need a different size or alternative dimensions, please see our main product here.


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The ECODRIVE500 has all the surface design features needed, including:

– The lattice-shaped cell base prevents gravel from being pushed into the ground by traffic.
– Anti-movement ribs prevent your infill from moving up and away from the surface.
– Anti-slip bumps along the top of each cell offer increased grip for pedestrians or vehicles.
– Each grid has push-snap fixings, ensuring each connected grid is held securely.
– The grid cell size of 7×7 is the best size to hold your infill in place effectively.
– Designed to hold smooth or rough gravel in place with ease.
– 95% porous.
– Complies with the Sustainable Urban Drainage Regulations, and the 2010 Flood & Water Management Act.
– Compression tested to over 500 tonnes per square metre.

The ECODRIVE500 is the best product of its kind on the market. Competitively priced, excellent quality and delivered to you, there’s no need to look anywhere else! Call us today for a quote or for more information on your perfect surface solution.

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