Price for 50m² - 200 grids (Volume Dependant): £543.09

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Reinforce your driveway or walkway with the ECODRIVE500 grid

Create a more solid foundation with the ECODRIVE500 grid. Made from incredibly resilient, durable materials that can withstand the weight of vehicles in excess of 25 tonnes, the ECODRIVE500 grid is built to last.

Perfectly suited for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, this innovative gravel grid is an excellent way to reinforce driveways, grass and gravel walkways.

Making use of an ergonomic cell structure mould, the ECODRIVE500 grid is composed of 49 grid-like pockets that measure 70 square millimetres each. The grid design offers excellent stability and ensures that your infill material such as gravel is secured in place.

To get the best results from ECODRIVE500 grids, it’s recommended that you use gravel that is 5 to 35 millimetres.

The innovative design of the ECODRIVE500 grid allows for effortlessly upscaling, as new grids can be fastened into place like a jigsaw piece. All you have to do is position the new grids and click them together.

If you need a different size or alternative dimensions, please see our main product here.


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Experience true innovation with the ECODRIVE500 grid

The ECODRIVE500 grid was created after years of meticulous designs and experimentation. Made over the course of many iterations, the final product offers an incredibly stable surface with a highly resilient wall strength and thickness.

Every aspect of this product has been designed with practicality in mind, from creating the ideal size for the cells to ensuring the infill material is packed to a flush, neat finish. Other innovative features include:

– Shock and vibration-absorbing lattice to ensure gravel stays in place, even with heavy vehicle traffic.
– Bolstering rib design to capture infill material and stop it from escaping the grid.
– Anti-slip grips to help tyre traction and offer better grip while walking on the grid.
– V-force design to create strong bonds between grids.
– An effective 7×7 grid pattern works to efficiently compact and contain gravel and other infill materials.
– Fully compliant with the latest flood and water management legislation.
– Made with recycled, UV-stable materials.
– Handles a load of up to 500 tonnes under load test rating conditions.

For dependable parking and walkway reinforcement, ECODRIVE500 grids are unparalleled in quality and consistency. They are perfectly suited for gravel driveways, car parks, access roads and walkways.

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