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Why choose ecodrive500? The best gravel grid on the market in the world!

The ecodrive500 is the perfected gravel grid, using our many years of experience, handling arguably every model available. We created a grid that provides the perfect most stable finish surface, that also crucially has all of the necessary aspects taken into account when we designed it, such as the correct vertical wall strength & thickness, the perfect height and cell size to allow any gravel from 3mm - 30mm rough or smooth gravels that bed perfectly into the '7x7' cells, to create a compact neat finish surface. Ecodrive500 also has all of the vital features that your surface needs, below are just some of them -
  • A built in anti-migration cell bottom lattice, specially designed to prevent downwards gravel movement through vibration & vehicle traffic.
  • Anti gravel movement ribs, to reduce gravel migrating up & away even on sloped surfaces.
  • Cell-wall topped anti slip nodules, giving added vehicle wheel grip & importantly pedestrian grip for shoes on the top surface.
  • Each grid side has v-force male to female fixings to create a strong attachment for every grid to grid connection.
  • The 7x7 rows of grid cells is the proven perfect grid formation in our opinion for gravel reinforcement to be the most effective. To encase & compact the chosen infill gravel / material.
  • Suitable for rough & smooth gravels from 3mm - 30mm to comfortably bed into the cells.
  • 5% permeable & complies with s.u.d.s. Regulations (sustainable urban drainage regulations).
  • Complies with the flood & water management act 2010.
  • Uv stable recycled injection moulded plastic.
  • Compression tested to a minimum 500 tonne / sqm load test rating.
  • Suitable for domestic & industrial use & application.
Simply, our eco gravel grid - parking reinforcement product is the best option on the market to stabilise any gravel  surface, whether it be a domestic driveway, a car park, or access roads & landscape areas in general. There is no better option, and we charge below £10 per square metre delivered.  

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ECODRIVE500 gravel grids

The ECODRIVE500 grid is extremely tough and robust and, when tested, can comfortably withstand vehicles in excess of 25 tonnes including cars, vans and lorries. They are suitable for various domestic to industrial surface reinforcement applications (see our 'Other Information' section for other uses and applications).

The open cell structure design of the ECODRIVE 500 grid (x49 individual 68mm square pockets per grid) allows for neat gravel or grass finish.
Not only does the grids open cell structure provide extra walls of stability they also prevent lateral and downward migration and disruption of your chosen infill material.
For best results we would suggest to use a gravel size tolerance of 5MM to 30MM.

The ECODRIVE500 grids modular design means the system can be added too at any time. With a simple and easy lateral jigsaw like push-snap fixing. You simply lay it down in your desired formation and click it together!

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Dimensions 500 x 500mm
Deck Height 40mm
Rib wall thickness 3.5mm
Cell space openings 68mm x 68mm squares
Weight/m2 5kg (based on current recycled plastic, there can be a slight variation
Number of decks per m2 4
Compatibility Modular design means the system can be added to or design changed at any time
Pallet capacity 240
Load Capacity 500+ tonnes/m2
Axle Weight In excess of 25 tonnes - axle load
Gross Weight per pallet 250 KG
Material - Recycled 100% UK Recycled - UV Stable Polypropylene
Temperature Stability -50 to +90C
Filling The grids can be filled with a wide range of materials including soil - grass seed, gravels, stones etc
Environmental None toxic, chemically enert and reusable too which makes the driveway grids eco friendly

Additional applications & suggested uses;
*An Eco friendly sustainable grass & gravel paving & structure support solution
*Ground stability grids installed at ground level, to reduce the effect where vehicle and foot traffic pass over by stopping the ground from churning up.
*Access roads & emergency service lanes (fire & ambulance access routes)
*Driveway grids & gravel parking
*Grass or gravel car parks or temporary & permanent over-spill parking solutions
*Driveways and residential lawn/gravel parking reinforcement
*Anti storm – flood surface drainage solutions
*Water run off safety solutions & French drains
*Railway embankment stability
*Slope and embankment reinforcement
*Melioration ditches
*Horse stud, ménage and paddock use
*Buggy paths
*Disability access routes
*Golf courses paths & grass stabilisation
*School play area and access routes
*Event*/marquee flooring solutions
*Grassed garden banks
*Lawn protection
*Trellis supports & much more..

guide to laying the ECODRIVE500

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