Grass Grids

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Our unique grass grids effectively eliminate the issue of ground churning by providing support as they are pressed into the soil to ground level meaning. This means that any foot traffic and vehicles are supported by both the grids and the ground itself. Thanks to the interlocking system, the Ecodeck Earthpress grass grids are quick and easy to install.

Here at Ecodeck, we offer a range of grass grids made from a high strength injection-moulded plastic and, like all Ecodeck products, our grass grids are made from 100% recycled materials. Grass grids are ideal for both grass and soil ground reinforcement in domestic and industrial settings. They can also be used for car parking ground supports.

If you are looking for support grids for permeable paving, you can choose from our Eco500 Grass Fill and Ecopark 40MM Grass Fill grid models.

Both of these models comply with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) regulations and can be used for domestic and light industrial surface reinforcement.

We also offer a heavy duty version of our grass grids in the form of the EcoPark80HD grid model, which is suitable for use on construction sites and will withstand frequent use by lorries, agricultural machinery, and vehicles up to 44 tonnes.