Floatdeck Pond & KOI Fish Protection

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Floatdeck Pond & koi fish protection
  • Size of decks = 85 x 62 x 3.5cm with 4 inch wide gaps
  • Prevents heron & mink etc getting in & back out with your fish
  • Pond liner friendly rubberised plastic
  • Can be installed in minutes due to its large yet handy manageable size
  • Unlike any other as our floatdeck allows you to sit plants into the meshing of the grid
  • Keeping the plants stable in the winds
  • Floating island of plants effect
  • Bigger than any other pond protection in the world
  • Nearly invisible deterrent & protects your koi, goldfish & pond life without spoiling the pond looks
  • You can have them free floating or add an edge anchor to keep them at the pond edge

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